Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Street-Level Lab

I tried to post on Miguelon's blog comments, but it was not possible, so I went on and create my own history unwired blog to discuss and post ideas. This could be also a good way to keep us updated in the work, moves and Things to be Done & Done
I assisted today to the Entrepeneurs' club and will present next tuesday. As far as my feelings go, some people were kind of interested. will try to have a more business oriented ppt with our market and technical challenges.
Ahhh, since we will have a Biennale Space I think that, besides our prototype, we can create some 'cool' space by inviting some people to do experimentations, performances and mobile media that might input our design and development. Also I envision a place or a bar, with music, film, textures, brochures, performers, and a display ...for a short period of time ... maybe too much ...maybe not